UI/UX design
UI/UX design

UI/UX design

Redesign to user friendly interface.

Web service onboarding flow.
Redesign user flow and user journey. User interview in US.
Dashboard design for B2B company.
Redesign user flow and user journey with engineer team.

My Design style

About myself
I love to improve designs that are difficult to use, not only for UI/UX but also for graphic design, and I am always thinking about how to improve UI/UX not only for the web but also for everything around us.
Why am I interested in UX?
Even the slightest design change can change the impression. It can increase users, increase sales, and make users love your service more. It is fun to create designs that communicate!
How did I get started in UX?
I’ve loved creating since I was a kid and majored in design in college. 2014 I moved in San Francisco from Tokyo. I worked a UI/UX project with a SF startup and then, worked an enterprise networking company as a junior UI/UX designer 2021.
What does UX design mean to me?

The important thing about UX design is WHY questions. Think about ”user empathy” and creating ”user-centered design”. To know users, I love user research, personas, user journey maps, usability testing. And then design iterations make the service more user-friendly.

My favorite example of good UX.
As a immigrant living in the US, I feel that design that can be understood by people of all languages is important. For example, the UX of Tinder, a dating app, is interesting. It’s simple, Like or Nope. Fun motion interactions, tutorials that anyone can understand, excitement that makes you want to pay. You should try!